Thursday, November 7, 2013

Same location 3 photographers

Like everyone who is in the photography business I have a favorite location to shoot.  It is only available 2-3 months out of the year and no I will not tell you.  A woman has to have a few secrets.   :-)

Anyway I first brought Andrew K in 2010.  The deep grey of the cement, grass and even my hair makes the almost purulence of my skin glow like the moon.  The asymmetry of my pose, the wall and the foliage pulls your eyes more to the center of the image.  As a note this was I think my second nude shoot and first with Andrew.  Needless to say this and my jumping images  cemented him as a consent partner.

And again with  Bill of Pixel Elegance in 2011.  Bill came up from California on a vacation and stopped in my hometown.  I love the desaturated nature of his editing.  Also one thing that amazes me is my ribcage to hip connection, no other photographer has managed to make it look so...AWESOME.  Seriously most of the time if my ribcage pops under my pelvic bone (at least what it feels like) it looks strange and unnatural.  But here we managed o make it look sexy and intentional.  It helps that my hands, feel and expression are relaxed.

Note when one is modeling one of the easiest ways to make it look like you are relaxed it to keep you extremities and face relaxed.  Its hard but it totally works!

And finally in 2013 with CCP Photography.  This was the most technical as there are 4 of me, yet also super fun to shoot as we had to block each pose to prevent overlap.  The harsh light was not helpful but its all good!

Each time I got different image with their own unique style.  Though they are the same location I feel they are vastly different. Each reflecting the photographer, the light and our experience together.

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