Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rain on the window

This is one of five photo shoots that I had the joy of having a makeup artist and I was lucky enough that she also did hair.  We took this photo in the window on a dreary Portland day.

2009 Michael Andrus with makeup and hair by Aimee J'Adore

Friday, July 26, 2013

Through the red

One thing I really do love is playing with cloth while having my photo taken.  There is something so....unpredictable about dancing around with cloth.  I was told to be serious and Greek Goddess like when Nick and I did this set.  Needless to say I started grinning so much I think he gave up.  The way we got the cloth to move so nicely besides me moving it around was a fan that I think was off to my left.

One thing that makes this image stand out is how the cloth folds catch one eye and not the other. The eye the viewer can see is very much looking right at them.  I like the shadows and light both on my skin but more importantly on the cloth and Nick's editing making the red really pop totally makes this image!

2012 Nick Johnson

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rock and Roll

This photo makes me feel like a rock star every time I look at it.  I love the texture of my hair, how the brick building feels rough and run down to the eyes and how blown out my skin is.  Honestly it reminds me of a 1970's record cover. 

2008 Peggy Johnson in Harrisburg, Or

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Find the light

Back in 2010 I worked with Study in Light at his house in Portland.  Pete is a great photographer with natural light often utilizing the soft light from the windows.  I love how the light and editing gives this dress much more depth.  In Oregon the lovely weather (rainy from September to May most of the time) gives us a lovely natural defuser.  I very much enjoy how the dress the is focus of this shot, making it more of an editorial style rather then catalog.  I love how the light causes my skin to glow and in the shadows at my left toes are barley visible.  Over all I am very happy with this image, but I could be a little further away from the window, my face a little more to camera, but generally this is one of the best images I have with Pete.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A dress of shadow lace

I have another image here from Andrew and my shoot a few weeks ago in the barn with one patch of light to play with. I love how the shadows of the plants outside play across my back like lace and there is even a bracelet of shadow on my left wrist. My spine, normaly an unnoticed detail of the back, acts as a zipper to this shadow clothing. Standing out starkly from the shadows.

I must have been gripping something with my left toe as they are the only tense part of my body that I can see. One of the hardest part of modeling is to look completely relaxed in any situation.  Hands, toes, your jaw and eyes can betray cold, something hurting or not feeling 100% comfortable in the situation. The trick to modeling is to know when to show you are colder then hell sitting in a stream or to look as if it is a hot spring, the one place in the world any person would want to be.  Luckily here my tense  toes add to the shot rather then distract, adding interest rather then worry.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to start x2

To continue on the last post how to tell the photographer is who they say they are.  Internet portfolio's are very easy to fabricate by stealing other photographer's work and passing it off as their own.

When I am going to work with a new photographers I always check a few things:
 1) Do they have a website?
 2) Are there great variation in their photography. 
  - Is the editing similar?
  - Are models used multiple times?
  - Does the over all quality of the photos similar?
  - Do they have a water mark?
  - Is the cropping off?   A hand or foot cut off in a manor that would suggest there was a water mark that was cropped off? 
 3) Do they have model, makeup artists, other photographers or hair stylist referenced?
  - Contact 3-10 of these and ask about their experiences
   * Good references = work with them
   * Bad references = RUN AWAY!!!!!! 
  - If there are no references I am very skeptical/I will not work with them.
 4) Can they read my profile?  (Yes this is a thing)
 5) How is their attitude over email or the phone?
  - They seem like a good person?  I are more likely to work with them.
  - Do they come off as a d-bag?  Nope the freak out of there.

If the photographer passes all my tests I then start to schedule a shoot!  Woo!

Bonus "I read a shit tun of text" photo.  2010 Absolute Reality Studios

Monday, July 1, 2013

How to start

Should you become interested in modeling either for fun or for money how does one go about that? Here is my guide to modeling 101:

Where to find photographers who want to shoot you ( not literally shoot you but to take photos of you)? 
 - I would advise a few websites.
   1) is where I've had the best luck. There is a good size community there and lots of people to ask for references.
   2) I personally have not used but I do know a few photographers that use this site and like it.
- I would be careful on sometimes is great sometimes you find creepy stalker men. 

On these sites they require a lot of information. How much should you post?
- things that you need to post
  1) Your real height
  2) Your current weight
  3) Your current bust, waist and hip measurement for a woman and your chest, waist, and inseam for men.
  4) 4 good basic photos of just yourself
      - a head shot
      - a body shot
      - a 3/4 head shot or profile
      - a body shot in 3/4 or profile or something you can do that is a talent
  5) What you are really interested in shooting
      - fashion requires a very narrow body type. If you fit what the agencies are looking for go for it!
      - If nudes are a no for you do not put "will shoot nudes" in your profile. 
  6) A short introduction to yourself, what you want to shoot and any restrictions you have.

Ok now you have a profile up... now what?
- You can go and look at casting calls! These are the best way to meet new photographers. Just be sure to read the full posting and respond with something like, "hi I'm insertyournamehere" and I would really like to work with you on your "freakingawesomeidea". I am free Monday, Saturday and Sunday this week. Thank you, "insertyournamehere"

What does TF- mean?
- TF- Means "time for" either print or images. If the listing says time for print I always clarify to make sure if I am getting a physical print (not typical these days) or a digital copy. 

Now to wait for the responses. Next post I will recommend ways to make sure the photographer you are looking at working with is who they say they are and are not going to try any funny business.