Sunday, December 15, 2013

A laugh a day

 2007 Drogue Photo

When taking a photo of a laugh or a smile, the best way to make it real is really laugh or smile.  It makes the images more genuine, lively and people will believe you are really happy.  I try to do this with every smiling photo I have and generally I am able to deliver an image that will hopefully also make you smile.

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  1. Yup. One of the first hard lessons to learn as a portrait photographer is that the quickest way to make someone look like a dork -- and a stressed-out dork, at that -- is to tell them to smile. Any time I'm photographing someone, and they're genuinely laughing, I always shoot a few more, just to try and catch that moment. As often as not, I get something that I really like. And as often as not, the subject looks at it, and says something like, "Oh, god, do I *really* look like *that*?" I guess it's the same sort of thing as people not liking the way their voices sound on tape...