Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All about knowing your good side

We all laugh at the idea that we have a good side, but its actually true.  When you are modeling knowing your strong and weak features are can make a break a head shot.  I had to learn through practice and looking at a lot of photos.  When I say a lot I mean a lot.  Some photographers will give you all the photos in a session (200-1000+) to others who will only give you finished work.  The ones who give you a ton take it as a learning experience!

For angles I will show you a set I did with Nick back in 2010.  These are mostly raw photos though you can see when a photo passed to "I'll edit that" status.

This is the first image from the set.   I have good things going for me.  1) strong jaw, and cheek bone,  2) a large eyes and 3) well defined muscles.  I have things going against me 1) a deep set eye with a heavy brow, 2) strong jaw (a blessing an curse), and 3) over all androgynous look with both strong and delicate features.  In this photo I have a good eye contact, but my hand looks wonky and my jaw looks too big.  A good try for photo 1.

For a while went through a phase that chin as high as it can go was the best thing ever .  It isn't.  It looks like you are looking up my nose, I have dark circles under my eyes and the proportions of my face just look silly atm.

Now i am getting closer.  You aren't looking up my nose, a definite plus, my eyes look better, and at closer to a 3/4 profile and the over all proportions of the face are better.  There is something off with the neck that makes it looks short and my lower lip is not as defined as it should be, but the latter may be due to editing.

This is the shot from this set. I have learned over the years that my profile and 3/4 profile are very very strong with me.  My chin is well defined but not too strong, the lighting has made my bone and muscle structure shine and the styling looks pretty cool.  

I hope this help showcase the power of knowing your good side.  If you all have a photo that you want me to break down when pertaining to the model please comment with a link to the photographers site.

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