Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome to A Model Opinion, a bog on modeling, pretty photos and how a model, photographer and sometimes a makeup artist can work as a team to make wonderful images.  I have been modeling at a local level for a little over 6 years and love it.  Sadly the rest of my life doesn't allow me to model all the time.  But hey its all good.

I will start my blog with a shot I and Andrew K over at Absolute Reality Studios at Sauvie Island after he got off work yesterday.  We had lovely clear skies, very harsh light and a cool old abandoned barn to create this wonderful image.

We tried laying, sitting, laying the other direction in this one patch of light, but crouching ended up being just right.  When modeling in a tight location with harsh light you have to remember that the lines of your muscles, texture of your hair and how the shadows fall can make or break an image.  In this case Andrew loved she shadows of my hair on my leg, and I love the shadows and greys and bright light on my right leg.  I also really like how smooth my skin looks in comparison to the floor and the texture of my hair. 

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