Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Safety Talk

Now ladies and Gentlemen we are going to have the safety talk to help you avoid getting hurt while modeling.  How would you get hurt?  Well I'm sure any mother can name it in a heart beat.  "You could get raped, or mugged, or abducted or KILLED!" I have heard it a few times from my mother.

Basically what it comes down to 99% of the men and women I have worked with are pretty cool, if not a little off, and respect their models. That nasty 1% gives the rest of the group a bad name. 

I always do the following when booking with a new or old photographer:
  1. I screen to see if they are just using the modeling site as a dating site. (WAY more common then you think)
  2. I know the location, the time, how long I should expect to be there, is there cell coverage, and how I am getting there, my car, their car, a friend to drop me off.
  3. I tell important people who I trust ALL the above information and a 'when should you call police' time line.  This does become more relaxed as I get to know a photographer.  If I've shot with you 3+ times this generally gets shortened to "Hey I am with photographer X today. "Insert location info here""
  4. If it a person I get weird vibes from but not enough to throw me off I bring a fellow model.  A lot of photographers dislike escorts and won't allow them on set.  They will however often let another model, or hair and makeup artist on set as they can add to the shoot.  A super fun way to get around this rule I have found.  I also just like dragging my friends into modeling.  >.>
  5. If I can't drive/walk home I don't go out for drinks after.  And I NEVER drink before a shoot or during a shoot.  Nor would I do any drugs and that would cause me to walk out.

Never be afraid to leave a shoot.  In the end it is your safety and comfort that we are talking about here.  If the photographer makes you feel not safe tell them. Sometimes they are just as nervous as you, and sometimes they don't realize they care pushing you too hard.  Only once in my 5 years of modeling have I not felt safe or like I could not have gotten away.  I learned from my mistakes and really my rules are not flexible.  

Be safe people, but also be fun.  :-)

 This is a shot with said photographer (2009).  I will not post his info though some from the area may recognize this image.  I do have to say looking for his damned image did help me find more photos!

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