Saturday, August 17, 2013

Same pose two different photographers

So I met Charles due to a mutual photographer friend David when I was hired to work a photography class.  In my Rock and Roll post that was shot by Peggi the class instructor.

 2009 Classic Rock
A good photo, good editing, good pose and good framing.  The only thing off are my eyes  which seem to be staring at something but not at quite the right angle for David.

Yup one of the oddest experiences I have ever had.  Super fun and would do it again but yeah pretty darn odd.


  1. Oh, wow. If I had know Dave and I were both doing such similar photos, I would have done something different. I'm trying to remember of he and I were both shooting at the same time ... I think that we had enough models with us that day that we could work one-on-one, but I'm not sure. It actually got to the point that, when we'd only have one model and several photographers, I would stand back while the rest of the class was shooting, all at once, and come up with something else. I was apparently somewhat notorious for always saying, "Before we move on, can we..."

    And for what it's worth, the one I kept from that set is this one, which has yet another subtle difference in the pose. The two you posted have you looking out of the frame, as if to see or connect with someone unseen. In my favorite, you're more contained, perhaps more pensive.

  2. I think you did the "Before we move on..." a few times that day. I have 2-3 images where i was clearly working with one photographer and a second saw a good image and took a shot. Nothing wrong with it at all just different. :-)

    I like the image that you kept too! It was in my top 5 from that set.