Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to start x2

To continue on the last post how to tell the photographer is who they say they are.  Internet portfolio's are very easy to fabricate by stealing other photographer's work and passing it off as their own.

When I am going to work with a new photographers I always check a few things:
 1) Do they have a website?
 2) Are there great variation in their photography. 
  - Is the editing similar?
  - Are models used multiple times?
  - Does the over all quality of the photos similar?
  - Do they have a water mark?
  - Is the cropping off?   A hand or foot cut off in a manor that would suggest there was a water mark that was cropped off? 
 3) Do they have model, makeup artists, other photographers or hair stylist referenced?
  - Contact 3-10 of these and ask about their experiences
   * Good references = work with them
   * Bad references = RUN AWAY!!!!!! 
  - If there are no references I am very skeptical/I will not work with them.
 4) Can they read my profile?  (Yes this is a thing)
 5) How is their attitude over email or the phone?
  - They seem like a good person?  I are more likely to work with them.
  - Do they come off as a d-bag?  Nope the freak out of there.

If the photographer passes all my tests I then start to schedule a shoot!  Woo!

Bonus "I read a shit tun of text" photo.  2010 Absolute Reality Studios

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