Thursday, July 11, 2013

A dress of shadow lace

I have another image here from Andrew and my shoot a few weeks ago in the barn with one patch of light to play with. I love how the shadows of the plants outside play across my back like lace and there is even a bracelet of shadow on my left wrist. My spine, normaly an unnoticed detail of the back, acts as a zipper to this shadow clothing. Standing out starkly from the shadows.

I must have been gripping something with my left toe as they are the only tense part of my body that I can see. One of the hardest part of modeling is to look completely relaxed in any situation.  Hands, toes, your jaw and eyes can betray cold, something hurting or not feeling 100% comfortable in the situation. The trick to modeling is to know when to show you are colder then hell sitting in a stream or to look as if it is a hot spring, the one place in the world any person would want to be.  Luckily here my tense  toes add to the shot rather then distract, adding interest rather then worry.

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