Monday, July 1, 2013

How to start

Should you become interested in modeling either for fun or for money how does one go about that? Here is my guide to modeling 101:

Where to find photographers who want to shoot you ( not literally shoot you but to take photos of you)? 
 - I would advise a few websites.
   1) is where I've had the best luck. There is a good size community there and lots of people to ask for references.
   2) I personally have not used but I do know a few photographers that use this site and like it.
- I would be careful on sometimes is great sometimes you find creepy stalker men. 

On these sites they require a lot of information. How much should you post?
- things that you need to post
  1) Your real height
  2) Your current weight
  3) Your current bust, waist and hip measurement for a woman and your chest, waist, and inseam for men.
  4) 4 good basic photos of just yourself
      - a head shot
      - a body shot
      - a 3/4 head shot or profile
      - a body shot in 3/4 or profile or something you can do that is a talent
  5) What you are really interested in shooting
      - fashion requires a very narrow body type. If you fit what the agencies are looking for go for it!
      - If nudes are a no for you do not put "will shoot nudes" in your profile. 
  6) A short introduction to yourself, what you want to shoot and any restrictions you have.

Ok now you have a profile up... now what?
- You can go and look at casting calls! These are the best way to meet new photographers. Just be sure to read the full posting and respond with something like, "hi I'm insertyournamehere" and I would really like to work with you on your "freakingawesomeidea". I am free Monday, Saturday and Sunday this week. Thank you, "insertyournamehere"

What does TF- mean?
- TF- Means "time for" either print or images. If the listing says time for print I always clarify to make sure if I am getting a physical print (not typical these days) or a digital copy. 

Now to wait for the responses. Next post I will recommend ways to make sure the photographer you are looking at working with is who they say they are and are not going to try any funny business. 

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  1. I totally agree with Mollie on the web sites. I am a big fan of Model Mayhem, and have heard good things about ISO Connection.

    I've also got some suggestions, from a photographer's perspective.

    When you set up your profile, be clear about what you are willing to do. Nudes are the obvious one, but it's good to be unambiguous about anything that's going to be over your line. At the same time, don't _just_ have a list of "I won't do X" -- that can be off-putting. If you're asked to do something you're not interested in, just decline.

    When it comes to finding photographers, casting calls are good, but there's something to be said for approaching photographers directly. If you see a photographer whose style appeals to you, drop him a "would you like to work together?" message. That's actually the way I find most of my models.

    The trick to the "cold call" approach, is to be ready for any answer. You could be met with anything from "Yes, and I'll pay you lots of money" all the way down to no answer at all. Those negative responses -- or worse, no response at all -- are disheartening, but they're part and parcel of the experience.

    Last, but not least ... what I love to see in a model, beyond any physical attributes, is someone with her own ideas. It doesn't have to be a fully-fleshed-out idea. It could be as simple as having a list of "things I'd like to try" or "photos that I'd like to re-create" on your profile. At the very least, those serve as starting points for a conversation on what you'll do for _your_ shoot.

    Because at the end of the day, a successful shoot is a collaboration between the photographer and the model. (And, the makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe person, and whatever other crew gets involved, if you're lucky.) Just as photography is more than simply pointing a camera at someone beautiful, modeling is more than just doing what the photographer tells you to. If everyone brings their own creativity to the process, the photos are always better for it.

    And besides, it's just more _fun_ that way.